Vacation rental rules in Cayucos, Cambria could be expanded

San Luis Obispo County supervisors may modify vacation rental rules in Cayucos and Cambria and make the regulations also effective in Los Osos and Avila Beach at their meeting Tuesday.

Existing regulations for short-term rentals of private homes cover about 340 licensed vacation rentals — only half of which are actively rented out — in Cambria, and about 245 in Cayucos.

The changes would expand the regulations to Los Osos, with 18 vacation rentals, and Avila Beach, with 32.

Some area residents complained about the effectiveness of existing regulations in controlling the actions of visitors, a few of whom may behave badly. Some of the concerns about vacation rentals have been about noise, parking, trash and how to quickly reach someone who can help resolve complaints.

Proposed modifications to the rules include changes in the mandated distance between rentals, restricting rentals of a unit to four per month, prohibiting “unreasonable” noise and having a contact person available around the clock.

County planning commissions unanimously approved the changes on a 4-0 vote on Sept. 22.