SLO County residents move forward with plan to create new homeless village

Local residents seeking to create a Portland-style Dignity Village for the homeless in San Luis Obispo County have formed committees to explore steps they must take to make their plans come to fruition.

Participants broke into four groups during a Jan. 13 meeting, according to Becky Jorgeson, an advocate for people without access to San Luis Obispo homeless services. Teams are now looking at architecture; a business plan; communications and site search.

Local activists are seeking to emulate Dignity Village in Portland, Ore., which draws the homeless themselves into all aspects of its housing project.

Organizers intend to recruit at Cal Poly, have a booth at the San Luis Obispo Thursday Farmers Market, and speak to churches and service groups, among other activities.

Jorgeson added that the group has applied for nonprofit status. For information, call her at 234-5478.