Occupy SLO to mark 100th day at County Government Center

Occupy San Luis Obispo, the local variant of the national Occupy Wall Street movement, will celebrate its 100th day Thursday at the County Government Center on Monterey Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.

The movement was formed last fall to draw attention to what its leaders describe as the inequitable distribution of wealth in the United States.

Leaders say they will be asking the public to comment on what it has accomplished and where it should go from here.

In addition to the income issue, the group delineated other goals in a news release announcing the anniversary.

Among them:

  • Fighting the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court last year, which Occupy leaders and others say has created a “corrosive influence” by sanctioning the infusion of “vast sums of money .(in) our political system.”
  • Supporting a moratorium on home foreclosures and a thorough investigation of investment and mortgage fraud.
  • More locally, helping the homeless, “who have joined nearly every Occupation camp in America in significant numbers.” Occupy SLO leaders want public restrooms open around the clock, “as a first step toward mitigating a public health problem.”