Cal Poly students to vote on fee increase in February

Cal Poly students will vote Feb. 29 on whether to increase their fees by nearly $1,000 in three years.

According to the university's website, the fees would provide more money for classes, laboratories and support services to help students graduate on time.

One of the biggest complaints among students in recent years has been their inability to enroll in the classes they need because those classes fill up to maximum enrollment capacity. That typically forces them to wait until another quarter to take the course.

The proposal would implement a mandatory fee of $160 per quarter for all students attending Cal Poly effective fall quarter 2012. The fee would be increased by an additional $50 per quarter effective fall quarter 2013 and fall quarter 2014 for a total of $260 per quarter when fully implemented.

Most Cal Poly undergraduates now pay $7,986 for fees per year for tuition, which also includes fees common to all California State University campus. The proposal this year would be specific to Cal Poly students only. Their tuition would jump to $8,766 annually if the February vote passes.

Nine forums are scheduled on campus over the next month to inform students about the proposal and offer discussion.