Record number apply to Cal Poly

Cal Poly has received about 45,000 applications for its incoming fall class — a record.

Its previous high was two years ago when it received 42,495 applications for fall 2010, according to Cal Poly admissions director James Maraviglia.

Although university officials still aren’t sure how many spaces will be available for new students, Maraviglia said that early indicators appear to show that it will have 3,860 undergraduate slots for freshmen and transfers. He said that number is still being determined and assumes no additional cuts in funding beyond those already announced.

Last year, Cal Poly received more than 41,000 total applications, and accepted 12,341 freshmen and 1,517 transfer students.Of the freshmen, 35 percent enrolled, producing a first-year class of 4,316 students. The new transfer class totaled 808 students.

The number of students applying to Cal Poly has risen sharply since the 1990s. In 1993, the university received a total of 13,441 applications, for example. For the past three years, applications have exceeded 40,000.

The average high school GPA for incoming freshmen was 3.84 in 2011 compared with 3.35 for transfers.

In the 2011 incoming freshmen class, Cal Poly’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science had the highest percent of students selected at 48.2 percent. That compares with the lowest rate of acceptance of 27.5 percent into the College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Total applications to Cal Poly

2012 About 45,000

2008 39,026

2004 28,274

2000 21,915

1997 18,622

1993 13,411