Consultants to assess future facility needs for Nipomo, Templeton, Oceano and San Miguel

A quartet of smaller county communities will be scrutinized by consultants seeking to fully assess their “future facility needs.”

The county Planning and Building Department has notified governmental boards in Nipomo, Templeton, Oceano and San Miguel. None of the four is an incorporated city, but each has a community services district board that helps run the town.

The “complete communities survey,” will be paid for by a grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.

Consultants who will carry out the work are The Planning Center/DC&E; Rick Engineering; and EPS. Each will handle a different aspect.

Researchers will look at old maps, case studies and other documents, as well as assessing transportation and other infrastructure, and will explore as well the financial requirements of arriving at “complete communities.”

The work is being carried out in the context of the county’s efforts to “plan and develop safe, healthy, livable, prosperous and wellgoverned communities.”

County planners say they want to hear from the public about each of these issues, and are advising residents to look for times and dates of workshops as they are scheduled. The website is http://www.sloplanning.org.