High costs keeps two measures off Grover Beach ballot this June

The Grover Beach City Council has decided not to place two measures on the June ballot because of the estimated $29,000 cost to do so.

Councilman Bill Nicolls had requested the council ask voters whether they want to rescind term limits for the directly elected mayor. The council discussed his request at its Tuesday meeting.

Council members and the mayor may serve for two consecutive terms per position. Council members are elected for four-year terms. The mayor is elected for a two-year term.

The council also considered whether it should try to revise or increase the cost of business licenses — a decision that requires voter approval under Proposition 218, because revenue raised in the business tax certificate program is considered a general tax under state law.

The city has not raised the rates it charges in 19 years. Most businesses are charged $55 a year, with some exceptions. Increasing the rates could raise $20,000 to $50,000, according to a staff report by City Manager Bob Perrault.

The council decided not to go to voters on either issue, citing the cost of holding the election in conjunction with the June presidential primary vote.