Tech company moving into former A&R Furniture location in San Luis Obispo

Clever Ducks, an information technology services company in San Luis Obispo, is moving into the building that formerly housed A&R Furniture.

Clever Ducks employs 10 people. However, Clever Ducks Chief Operating Officer Amy Kardel said the company is expanding, and several new employees will be hired in the coming year.

In anticipation of its growth, Clever Ducks purchased the A&R Furniture & Interiors building for $825,000.

Along with the expected increase to its staff, Kardel said there are several other reasons the company decided to move to its new location at 1301 Broad St.

Currently located at 1413 Monterey St., Clever Ducks operates out of a 3,700-square-foot space. The new space is 7,200 square feet.

Another reason for the move, Kardel said, is that the new location is more convenient for Clever Duck employees.

“We need a good location to roam, you know, get out of the office for a moment and get coffee or lunch, because we’re in front of our computers all day,” Kardel said.

Clever Ducks also wants to have a greener workplace.

The company is investing $325,000 to remodel and update the building. Many of the structure’s original features will be re-purposed and incorporated into the reconstruction plan. Energy efficient, green building materials will also be used. A barn that is currently located behind the building on Broad Street will be transported to a ranch in North County. The 2,400-square-foot space where the barn stands will be paved to make way for a parking lot. The building will also have a remodeled, 2,000-square-foot corner suite for lease.

“We’ve been looking at various locations for about two years and it was just a good business decision to buy now,” Kardel said. “Garden Street Terraces is just one block away. I think when that is done it’s really going to give this area a boost.”

Construction is expected to be completed sometime in March.