Housing Authority bans smoking in SLO's public housing units

The Housing Authority of the city of San Luis Obispo is implementing a new smoke-free policy that prohibits residents from smoking in all public housing units.

The Housing Authority, which helps low-income residents find affordable housing, has 281 housing units in San Luis Obispo.

In 2010, the city introduced a new law banning smoking from nearly all public places in San Luis Obispo. Under that law, smoking is prohibited in indoor and outdoor areas frequented by the public, including sidewalks, parking garages, bars, restaurants, stores, stadiums, playgrounds and transit centers.

The Housing Authority's new policy is meant to prevent residents from being exposed to second- and third-hand smoke and to protect smoke and fire damage, according to Art Apruzzese, chair of the Housing Authority’s resident advisory board.

“The Housing Authority is trying to be proactive to get people not to smoke and we are willing to work with them to get them anything they need if they need help stopping,” said Rozalyn Gribben, administrative assistant with the Housing Authority. “Our intention is not to evict people from their homes.”