Twin Cities hospital opens new primary care facility in Templeton

Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton debuted its new primary care facility on Las Tablas Road on Dec. 13.

The new division, called the Medical Arts Center, offers a primary care division on the hospital campus, hospital Director of Business Development Jason Chang said.

The practice will have three primary care physicians with six to eight nurses and support staff, Chang said. All will be new hires.

Because the center is owned and operated by the hospital, additional blood work, exams or tests for which patients typically receive referrals can be conducted at the same campus.

Focus will be placed on internal medicine services such as medical examinations, physicals, treatment for chronic pain, preoperation counseling and physical therapy.

The approximately 5,000-square-foot facility was repurposed on the bottom floor of the hospital’s existing Founders Pavilion.

The top floor was kept for hospital administration uses while the bottom floor features 10 exam rooms and one procedure room. Construction on the $1.4 million project began earlier this year.

Plans to transform the first floor into a primary care office had been in the works since 2008.

The Medical Arts Center name was inspired by staff’s ability to focus solely on the “art of medicine,” because referral services will be in house, reducing paperwork, officials said.