Morro Bay police on the trail of the 'Geezer Bandit' bank robber

Morro Bay police are looking into payment records of purchasers of a Halloween mask that the “Geezer Bandit” may have used in his bank robberies throughout Southern California, including San Luis Obispo County.

The Police Department filed a search warrant in San Luis Obispo Superior Court seeking a list of customers of “The Elder” mask produced by a company called Rusty Slusser’s SPFX masks.

A man who authorities believe wears a mask of a roughly 70-year-old man has robbed banks in the San Diego area, Goleta and Morro Bay. The Geezer Bandit also is suspected in a Dec. 2 heist of Bank of America in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Police have dubbed the suspect the Geezer Bandit to help potential witnesses remember him when he walks into a bank.

The bandit is suspected of robbing 16 banks since August 2009, and the FBI has offered a $20,000 award leading to his arrest.

The Morro Bay robbery occurred May 27 at Heritage Oaks Bank located at 310 Morro Bay Blvd., where he pointed a gun at a teller and demanded “$20,000 or I’ll shoot you.”

Morro Bay police, as well as other agencies where robberies have occurred, have matched the appearance of the Geezer Bandit in surveillance photos to the realistic silicone Halloween mask made by SPFX.

Department officials believe the list of customers over the past two years of the mask could lead them to the suspect.