Shooting victim urges long term

A woman shot twice by her former boyfriend in her Paso Robles home last year spoke out Tuesday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court about how the incident has affected her and her family.

Troy Allen Sykes, 32, was in court for his scheduled sentencing, which was delayed until Thursday to allow his attorney, Paul Phillips, to consult with him about a County Probation report which contains a sentencing recommendation.

Amy Weber said that Sykes has turned her “world upside down” and traumatized their young son, who was in the same room with her when Sykes fired shots on July 6, 2010, two of which struck her.

“I beg you to give him the maximum sentence so that we don’t have to live in constant fear,” said Weber, addressing Judge Barry LaBarbera. “The decision is in your hands to send a message.”

Sykes was acquitted Nov. 1 of two counts of attempted murder in a shooting incident involving Weber and her friend Erik Skupian.

But a jury convicted Sykes of the lesser charge of attempted voluntary manslaughter for firing his gun at Skupian, who wasn’t struck.

Sykes also was found guilty of residential burglary and the endangerment of his child. He faces up to 21 years in state prison.

After coming to Weber’s home on Green Court, Sykes fired a shot at Skupian from below the balcony and then he went upstairs to the home and Skupian jumped off the balcony as another shot was fired. Phillips argued the second shot wasn’t targeted at Skupian.

Sykes then entered a room that Weber had barricaded herself in with their son, who was 4 years old at the time.

Sykes fired shots that struck Weber in the head and shoulder before she seized control of the gun, emptying the rest of the ammunition and firing a shot that struck Sykes in the abdomen, according to investigators.

The defendant also struck Weber with a baseball bat after he shot her. The injuries suffered by Weber and Sykes weren’t life-threatening.But Weber said in court she has suffered physically, emotionally and financially because of the incident.

Weber said in court that their son now sleeps with her at night, surrounded by toys, and the boy has been undergoing counseling. She said that the child has struggled in school and emotionally lashes out at times.

Sykes will have an opportunity to speak at the sentencing Thursday along with his attorney, as well as family and friends of the victims.