Forecast: Warm start to holiday shopping season in San Luis Obispo

It is the start of the holiday season, but the weather will feel summerlike this weekend, as strong offshore winds boost temperatures to near 80 in San Luis Obispo and skies will be crystal clear, forecasters say.

Friday’s high in San Luis Obispo was expected to be near 70 degrees, but conditions will heat up today and Sunday. Highs both days will be in the upper 70s, the National Weather Service said. Local forecaster John Lindsey said the thermometer might even rise to 80 degrees in San Luis Obispo this weekend, thanks to the offshore winds predicted to blow overnight. As the winds race down canyons toward the coastline, the air will become compressed and heat up, he explained.

Lindsey expected winds early today to reach near 45 mph in areas that funnel such breezes, such as coastal canyons and passes, the eastern edge of San Luis Obispo near French Hospital Medical Center, and the area of Morro Bay near the high school.

Elsewhere, the NWS says highs in Pismo Beach will be near 70 this weekend. Lows in San Luis Obispo and on the coast will be in the 40s.

Dense fog will cover the North County during morning hours today and Sunday, with lows in the mid-30s. Clearing will lead to highs near 70.