Cal Poly student named to ECOSLO board of directors

Megan Bauer, a Cal Poly junior, has been named to the board of directors of the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO).

Bauer is president of the Cal Poly chapter of Net Impact, which ECOSLO describes as a “sustainable business organization that educates students and businesses on responsible, ethical and sustainable practices.”

Bauer, who is studying economics and international business with a minor in sustainable environments, is also the secretary for Empower Poly, a coalition of progressive campus clubs and organizations.

In a news release, Bauer said she feels her major and involvement in both groups has allowed her to “focus her studies on the job markets that benefit both the global and local economies for sustainability.”

Through her course studies, she adds, she is able to “see the marriage of business and environmentalism.”

Bauer is from Redding.

Other ECOSLO board members are Clint Slaughter, Deborah Hillyard, Scott Secrest, Allyson Nakasone, Bob Lavelle, Clint Edwards, Greg Ellis, Sandra Marshall and Pam Heatherington.

The nonprofit ECOSLO was founded in 1972, with a mission of protecting and enhancing the environment.