SLO Council approves 'wayfinding' sign plan for city

The City Council approved a plan Tuesday to put signs directing the public to key destinations in downtown San Luis Obispo and to install a monument welcoming drivers to the city at its northern edge.

The so-called “wayfinding” program is intended to point people toward locations such as Mission Plaza, the courthouse, downtown and highway access. As part of the plan, the city approved spending $50,000 for the signs— money that has already been set aside for community promotions in the city’s general fund.

Councilman Andrew Carter did not vote for the signage program or the entry monument, citing concerns about the brown color chosen for the signs, saying he would prefer the city’s blue and yellow colors be used. He also said the size of the monument at Highland Drive — reaching up to 40 feet in length — was too big.

A National Scenic Byways Grant through the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments would finance a majority of the entry monument’s cost; however, the city might be asked to pay at a future date for up to $50,000 of the project’s estimated cost of $185,000.