SLO City Council's Dan Carpenter gets bump in salary

The San Luis Obispo City Council approved a new monthly salary for Councilman Dan Carpenter on Tuesday, restoring $133.33 of the $283.33 in compensation he originally declined to take when he was appointed to the council in December.

Council members typically receive $12,000 annually, and the mayor is entitled to $14,400 annually. With the increased pay, Carpenter is still receiving 15 percent less than his colleagues on the dais. He will now receive $850 a month.

Carpenter said he originally requested that his salary be lowered because of a personal financial situation, but that situation recently changed.

“Being sensitive to the fact that we will be asking our employees to take concessions, I did not ask for the full pay,” Carpenter said.

The city is currently negotiating with nearly all of its employee groups for lower compensation as a way to balance the city’s budget.

Mayor Jan Marx is the only other member of the City Council receiving less pay than she is entitled to. Marx is receiving $1,100 a month.