Surf’s up — so is the mercury

A two-day heat wave begins across the Central Coast today, and the high temperature might reach 100 degrees in San Luis Obispo.

Today and Thursday should also be a surfer’s dream: Large swells and offshore winds will help form perfect waves, and the hot temperatures will make the cold ocean feel good.

Highs in San Luis Obispo today will be in the 90s, and local forecasting expert John Lindsey said the 100-degree mark is not out of the question.

In the North County, highs both days will be in the 90s, said the National Weather Service. Pismo Beach will be around 88 degrees today, then heat up to 90 on Thursday, according to the NWS.

Surfers will likely be paying attention to the waves breaking at Pismo Beach.

Lindsey, a community relations specialist with PG&E, said a storm developed far out in the Pacific Ocean last weekend that packed hurricane-force winds. That, in turn, caused big swells that can travel thousands of miles across the ocean.

Those swells are now arriving along the California coastline, Lindsey said. Today the northwesterly swell will peak at eight to 10 feet. For those brave enough to venture into the water, ocean temperatures will be in the high 50s.

Offshore winds will also blow in coastal valleys and along the coast over the next few days, which, in turn, helps shape waves as they crest.

Those winds are the key factor creating the heat wave, Lindsey said. “These northeasterly (offshore) winds will come off the Santa Lucia Mountains and will produce very warm and dry air conditions along the beaches and coastal valleys,” he said.

The offshore winds will diminish Friday, making for the end of the hot spell. The high in San Luis Obispo will cool to 85 degrees and Pismo Beach will be 74; Paso Robles will remain hot at 94 degrees.

The weekend should be cooler and partly cloudy as a storm moves north from Mexico, the weather service said. Highs will be in the 60s along the coast, 70s in San Luis Obispo and 80s in the North County.