Man accused of killing infant son gets 15 years to life

An Atascadero man was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison today in San Luis Obispo Superior Court for the killing of his infant child after pained statements were made by the boy's mother and other family members.

Kelly Lavinge, 27, was sentenced by Judge Michael Duffy for his no contest plea to second degree murder in 2009 of his three-month old twin boy, Isaiah.

Lavinge cried as the boy's mother, Jasmine Harris, and her family spoke at the sentencing, talking about the deep pain they've felt since the boy was killed.

He also apologized to them in court, saying he hopes they will learn to forgive him.

Lavinge told police that the newborn had vomited up food and that he shook the boy in response. The child spent six weeks being treated for brain hemorrhaging before he died.

"I want to say to you all that I'm very sorry," Lavinge said. "He was my child too. I made a mistake. I never wanted this to happen in my life. I pray for my child. Forgive me someday. I miss my son very much. I think of him every single day."