Credit card skimmers found on gas pumps in Paso Robles

Credit card skimming devices were found at two gas stations in Paso Robles on Friday, and now police are warning motorists who may have used the pumps to watch their bank accounts.

Officers discovered and seized devices from self-service gas pumps at the One Stop Market at 2331 Spring St. and the second at Steve’s Gas at 1441 Spring St, according to a Paso Robles Police Department news release.

Officers believe the devices were installed by organized crime groups to collect customers' credit and debit card information.

Investigators are warning motorists who bought gas at those stations to monitor their accounts and watch for strange activity.

Store employees said they didn’t recall seeing the devices installed on the pumps the previous day and officers checked other stations in Paso Robles and didn’t find additional devices, according to police.

Police said the electronic instruments require manual downloading, and investigators don’t suspect that consumer information was compromised by the time officers removed them.

Investigators will be sending the devices for a forensic examination to determine what might have been stored on them and possibly who created them.