Man with broken foot found alongside his car 11 hours after crash

Authorities say that a Cayucos man sat by his crashed car with a broken foot for almost 11 hours before someone walking discovered him off of Highway 46 West on Sunday.

Charles L. Barthauer, 24, crashed his 2005 Ford Ranger just after midnight near the Middle Kingdom Ranch, according to a California Highway Patrol news release.

While traveling west, his truck went off the southern edge of the highway, down a steep embankment and got lodged in a ravine, the CHP said. No information was available on why the truck went off the road.

Barthauer got out of his truck and stayed there until someone walking by heard his call for help about 11:30 a.m. The CHP said that Barthauer and his vehicle weren’t visible from the road.

He was being treated for major injuries at Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton, the CHP said. No details were available on his condition as of late Sunday.