Shell Beach man reported missing after his dog is found unattended

Dylan Winebrenner
Dylan Winebrenner

Editor's note: This story has been updated with more information.

A 32-year-old Shell Beach man was reported missing Friday after friends found his 15-year-old dog alone on a remote section of coastline in Pismo Beach.

A roommate last saw Dylan Winebrenner at 8 p.m. Sunday, according to police.

Winebrenner is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall, between 150 and 170 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

He appears to be in between jobs and a permanent residence, according to police, but he grew up in the area and was most recently living with friends. He also appears to have no immediate family members in San Luis Obispo County, officials said.

A multi-agency ground, water and air search of the area, where friends say Winebrenner likes to kayak and fish, turned up no clues Friday.

Police were dispatched to the area of Dinosaur Caves Park in Pismo Beach around noon Friday on a report of a possible missing person.

Friends of Winebrenner were kayaking along the cliffs below the park and saw his dog on a remote section of beach with no access from above, authorities said. The friends thought it odd because it’s unusual that the dog, named Buddy, would be found without him.

“Apparently (they’re) inseparable,” Sgt. Shawn Singleton said, adding that considering the dog’s age, it’s unlikely that he would have made it to the remote beach spot alone.

Buddy didn’t need medical aid upon his discovery, Singleton said, and is now staying with friends.

The search for Winebrenner stretched along the coast from Pismo Beach to Avila, where authorities swam the shoreline, checked sea caves and cliffs and patrolled by boat and air. Divers weren’t used Friday because of the high tide. Officials also checked local hospitals and County Jail.

The investigation will continue with additional interviews and searches.

Anybody with information is encouraged to contact the Pismo Beach Police Department at 773-2208.