Two-week walk scheduled from Diablo Canyon to Chumash site in Vallejo

A variety of local folks will join for a two-week interfaith hike from the gates of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant to a sacred Native-American site in Vallejo beginning Oct. 22 and ending Nov. 6.

The “Sacred Sites Peace Walk for a Nuclear-Free World” will be led by a Buddhist nun, Jun-San. It is co-sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, Indigenous People Organizing for Change and the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order.

Others expected include Native American elders and activists, Buddhist monks and Japanese citizens affected by Fukushima. The groups are encouraging members of the public to join for the entire walk or parts of it.

The walk begins at the nuclear power plant, which was built on a site sacred to the Chumash people, and concludes at the sacred Ohlone site, Sogorea Te/Glen Cove in Vallejo.

Marchers also will hold vigils at weapons manufacturing corporations in the Bay Area and at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, “in recognition of the link between nuclear weapons and nuclear power,” according to a news release from organizers.

Marchers will cover 15 to 18 miles a day.

“With the tragedy of Fukushima in our hearts,” organizers wrote, “we will (be) looking into the safety of land and people along our route, the still-present danger of nuclear weapons, the poisonous nuclear fuel cycle and how to end the nuclear nightmare in California and worldwide.”

The group is seeking help with lodging, food, organizing local community events, modest expenses, media and communications, and shuttle transportation.

For details, contact Louise Dunlap at louise@undoingsilence.org , 510-450-0651; Johnella LaRose, johnellashellmoundwalk@gmail.com , 510-734-7373; or Linda Seeley, lindaseeley@gmail.com , 805-234-1769.

For a schedule and more details, go to http://www.CAnuclearwalk.com.