Unsettled weather could continue

The storm system that brought downpours and thunder and lighting to much of the county Saturday – 0.15 inches of rain fell in Arroyo Grande – could continue to rumble the skies of San Luis Obispo County into today.

A thunderstorm and flash flood warning was issued Saturday by the National Weather Service, which forecast a continuing of the unsettled weather along the Central Coast and in much of the state.

“I think you see it every few years on average,” said John Lindsey, a local weather forecaster, of the thunder and lightning.

September might not be associated with thunderstorms in many places. But it is one of the most likely months for such weather in Central and Southern California because of a combination of monsoon moisture from the desert South West and the still warm weather along the Central Coast, said Lindsey.

The flash flood and thunderstorm warnings stretch from Los Angeles County to San Luis Obispo County. While isolated thunderstorms are possible Sunday along the coast, more concentrated storms have been forecast inland.

The system could bring hale, gusty winds, brief downpours and lighting to the area.

Average rainfall in San Luis Obispo County in September is 0.33 inches.