Hiker collapses, dies on Cerro Alto trail

A hiker who collapsed along the Cerro Alto trail in the hills northwest of San Luis Obispo was found dead Saturday afternoon, authorities said.

Shortly after 5 p.m., hikers along the trail near TV Tower Road called 911 to report that a man was having some kind of medical trouble, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Rob Bryn said.

The hiker had fallen into some bushes and went limp, Bryn added.

Because of the rough terrain, Bryn said, a California Highway Patrol helicopter was brought in to rescue the hiker, but a medic on the aircraft found him dead.

He said the hiker was a man in his 50s from San Luis Obispo, but his name is not being disclosed until his identity can be confirmed.

A coroner confirmed the death after the helicopter took the hiker’s body to San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, Bryn added.

He said the death doesn’t appear to be suspicious, but an autopsy is expected on Wednesday to help determine how the man died.

The hiker’s car was found on Sunday about a mile south of one of the gates to TV Tower Road, Bryn added.