Drain culvert repair on Higuera Street in SLO means daytime lane closures

San Luis Obispo city workers are repairing a drain culvert under Higuera Street, between Bridge Street and Elks Lane, by adding a new reinforced concrete roof and fixing other weakened portions of it. A concrete floor will also replace exposed soil to increase its flow capacity.

The $161,755 project began this week and is expected to continue through October.

Drivers can expect Higuera Street’s two inside lanes to be closed during construction on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The culvert has been carrying storm water from Exposition Creek under Higuera Street since 1911.

In addition, the city will complete accessibility improvements being made to 41 curb ramps in downtown San Luis Obispo at a cost of $179,000 at the end of July.