Cal Poly student accused of rape still hasn't been charged, prosecutors say

Charges still haven’t been filed against the Cal Poly student arrested on suspicion of rape in May, prosecutors said today.

Joseph Trupiano, 23, was scheduled to appear in court today for an update on his case, but his hearing was postponed to Aug. 3.

Trupiano was arrested on May 12 after police conducted an investigation into allegations that he’d raped a college-age woman at a fraternity party at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house at 280 California Blvd. on May 7.

Trupiano said in a phone conversation with the alleged victim — which police recorded without his knowledge — that she led him into the room and they had consensual sex.

The woman told police that she blacked out and then woke up in the morning with pain that led her to believe she’d been raped.

The District Attorney’s Office is continuing to investigate the case, prosecutors said.

Defense attorney Gerald Carrasco has told The Tribune that "my investigation of this case has determined that Mr. Trupiano is not guilty of these allegations and they're unsupported."