Highway 1 to reopen to Big Sur

Crews work to clear a slide on Highway 1.
Crews work to clear a slide on Highway 1.

Good news for travelers, business people and those who love driving Highway 1 to Big Sur: After several landslides and slip-aways have kept the All-American Byway closed at one place or another since March 16, Caltrans expects to reopen the highway Friday at the latest slide site, 8 miles north of the Monterey County line. It’s been closed at that spot since April 14.

That means drivers, bicyclists and hardy pedestrians will again be able to traverse the scenic, cliff-hugging route between Cambria and Carmel for the first time in nearly three months. It also means Big Sur residents will once again be able to come south to do their shopping, doctor’s appointments and other errands.

“It’s awesome, amazing unbelievable the great work that’s been done up there,” Jim Shivers of Caltrans said Tuesday.

There will still be some slow-down areas where work is continuing along the route, including a stoplight with one-way reversing traffic at Rocky Creek at the north end of Big Sur.