Cambria man gets jail time in asbestos-removal case

A 69-year-old Cambria man was sentenced today to 20 days in County Jail after entering a no-contest plea agreement on Wednesday to misdemeanor illegal disposal of hazardous waste.

Luther Sherman Akers was charged with illegal removal of the carcinogen asbestos and unpermitted renovations at the former Cambria Air Force Station, a Cold War-era military radar site.

Property owner Bernd Schaefers — who was a producer of the 1984 film “The Neverending Story,” as well as a 1986 motion picture starring Sean Connery, "The Name of the Rose" — faces two ongoing misdemeanor charges involving coastal zone land-use law. He has pleaded not guilty.

About 20 people lived on the property between 2005 and 2007 and performed work including construction, cooking and gardening, Akers told an investigator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

One former resident told investigators that she received room and board at the facility in exchange for work that included removing insulation materials that investigators said contained asbestos.