U.S. gasoline prices fall 9 cents; SLO area still above $4 a gallon

CAMARILLO (AP) — The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped about 9 cents over the past two weeks. The Lundberg Survey puts the average price for a gallon of regular at $3.91.

Analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that the national average for a gallon of mid-grade is $4.05. For premium it’s $4.16 a gallon. Diesel prices fell about 8 cents a gallon to $4.14.

Jackson, Miss., had the nation’s lowest average price at $3.60. Chicago had the highest at $4.38. In California, the lowest average price was $4.03 in Fresno, while San Franciscans paid the highest price at $4.17.

The AAA reported Sunday that San Francisco’s average for unleaded regular is $4.22 per gallon. SLO-Atascadero-Paso Robles region is $4.21.