Costco claims SLO man trespassed, called employees 'fascist bastards'

Costco has filed a lawsuit against a San Luis Obispo man who has protested against the store’s gas prices, claiming he trespassed on company property.

A lawsuit filed Feb. 22 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court claims Will Powers called store employees “fascist bastards” and threatened that one of them would end up dead.

Powers has feuded with store management over gas prices and picketed outside the business on Froom Ranch Way, which revoked his membership. Powers claims that Costco misrepresents its gas prices as the lowest in town.

Powers denies Costco’s claims in the lawsuit, saying that employees and police have designated an area for him to picket, where he has stood, and that he has never trespassed.

Powers also said that he has never made any kind of statement that an employee would end up dead. He says he called Costco employees "fascists" but not “fascist bastards.”

Powers is scheduled to return to Judge Dodie Harman’s courtroom Thursday at 10 a.m. to oppose Costco's request for a temporary restraining order against him.