Arroyo Grande woman detained after barricading herself in home

Arroyo Grande police on Monday morning detained a local resident after she had barricaded herself in her home and refused to communicate with police or a mental health worker.

Police responded to the 1000 block of Ash Street about 9 a.m. after a San Luis Obispo Mental Health evaluation employee tried to make contact with a distraught female, according to a news release from Cmdr. John Hough.

She had access to at least one firearm in the home. Police said she did not present a threat to her neighbors, but were concerned about her safety.

After trying to communicate with her for about two and a half hours, officers entered the home and detained her about 11:30 a.m., without any injuries to her or the officers. She was not in possession of a firearm when she was detained, Hough said.

She was transported to San Luis Obispo County Mental Health Services for a mental health evaluation. Her name was not released because the incident is considered a medical issue, Hough said.