3 services district chiefs in county get $100,000 in earnings

Salary and compensation information for San Luis Obispo County’s six community services districts are now posted on the state controller’s website — adding another layer of transparency to public employee earnings.

The findings show that of the six general managers, three were earning more than $100,000 in 2009: Tammy Rudock of Cambria at $163,213, Michael LeBrun of Nipomo at $126,082 and Jeff Hodge of Templeton at $109,846.

The salary range for the three remaining general managers for Los Osos, Oceano and San Miguel hovered around $90,000.

In October, state Controller John Chiang required the salaries of all city and county elected officials and administrators be posted on the state’s website following the public scrutiny of the excessive salaries paid to employees and council members in the city of Bell in Los Angeles County.

The new information includes compensation for employees for more than 693 local agencies, including transit, waste disposal and fire and police protection. Future postings on the state website will include land reclamation and levee maintenance, health, hospital and water agencies.

The website, www.sco.ca.gov/compensation_search.html, includes the number of employees and job title, salary ranges, actual compensation, pension contribution rates, employer contributions for pensions, deferred compensation and health benefits.

“Californians were offered instant access to salary information in their own communities when I launched the first public payroll site of city and county compensation last fall,” Chiang said in a statement. “Posting this information allows California residents to see where their public dollars are being spent and to better hold their local agencies accountable.”

In December, the Cambria services district was recognized by the California Special Districts Association for posting its full compensation report on its website.

General Manager Rudock’s salary and compensation in 2009 totaled $188,610, according to the state controller’s website.

However, discrepancies in how compensation is reported by each agency make it difficult to compare employees of varying districts.

For example, according to Cambria’s website, Rudock’s actual compensation for the 2009-10 fiscal year was $231,376 — that figure includes Social Security and Medicare employer contributions, which are not included on the state information. The Cambria services district serves a population of 6,579.

Templeton, the largest of the districts with a population of 7,500, paid General Manager Hodge $120,634 in salary and compensation that same year, according to the state’s website.

Los Osos General Manager Dan Gilmore makes $90,000 in total compensation. However, because he was hired in mid-November 2009, the controller’s website only shows $10,418 of those earnings. Additional earnings for an interim general manager and the final months of the preceding manager total $34,499 and are reported.

Raffaele Montemuro, general manager in Oceano, was hired in October 2009. His earnings show $16,146, but he is contracted for $87,500 annually.

In San Miguel, the smallest of the districts with a population of 1,506, General Manager Mike Ellison was paid $91,105.