SLO County Roundup

Morro Bay

The Morro Bay City Council on Tuesday rejected an emergency interim ordinance on the installation of wind turbines.

Mayor Bill Yates asked the council to consider a 45-day ban after some residents complained about turbines that had been installed on the roof at 482 Estero Ave. However, Yates withdrew the item after a discussion by the council showed that there was little interest in such a ban, said Councilman Noah Smukler.

The main concerns about the turbines were that they are unsightly and could block views, thereby reducing property values. Other residents favor wind turbines as a good source of alternative energy.

The temporary ban would have allowed the council and community to debate the issue and possibly develop limits or guidelines for installation. Wind turbines are not common in Morro Bay, but rebates and other incentives are making them more attractive, Smukler said.

— David Sneed

Paso Robles

It could be nearly two years before Downtown City Park in Paso Robles gets new restrooms. In early January, the City Council appointed councilmen Nick Gilman and Ed Steinbeck to help select an architect to design the facilities. The estimated $570,000 project would double the size of the current restrooms. Design and construction will take about 18 to 20 months, City Manager Jim App said.

The project became a priority after a court settlement on disabled access required the city to provide new, up-to-code restrooms.

The park’s current restrooms, estimated to be several decades old, have also been described by the public as old, dingy and a place many people avoid.

The project is to be funded from a Redevelopment Agency bond and park development funds. It won’t impact the city’s general fund.  

— Tonya Strickland