Pismo Beach listens to residents' concerns in goal-setting conference

Some downtown Pismo Beach sidewalks are cracked, creating a tripping hazard for those walking down Dolliver Street. The utility lines are ugly and should be moved underground. And those aging restrooms in front of the pier have got to go.

Those comments and other suggestions were raised by some local residents who attended the City Council’s goal-setting workshop today. The workshop continues Tuesday, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, at the Mission Inn of Pismo Beach, 601 James Way.

The council will use the public’s comments and suggestions as it sets short-, mid-, and long-term goals for the next two years. The goals will then be used as the council moves to approve a two-year budget in four to five months.

Other suggestions included creating an off-leash dog park to decide what to do with the old City Hall building on Bello Street.

Marcia Guthrie said she’d like to see the council set a vision for its downtown area. “There’s no cohesive plan of what we want to do,” she said.

Janet Fasulkey urged the council to fix uneven sidewalks, address littering problems and “make everyone in Pismo proud of its downtown.”

To view the council’s previous goals set in 2009 and the progress on those goals, click here: www.pismobeach.org.