Woman allegedly shot by San Miguel man breaks down while testifying

The woman allegedly shot by a San Miguel man in November 2009 broke down in tears Wednesday morning under cross-examination from the defense attorney.

Gina Stanko, 35, was asked by Ilan Funke-Bilu about numerous profanity-laced conversations she'd had with Steven Smith, the defendant, for most of the morning. Stanko said that she was angry because he wasn't taking responsibility for their child, who was born six days after the shooting incident at her home. Monday in court Stanko testified that Smith didn't use profanity when talking to her.

When Funke-Bilu asked her to go over her version again of the night's events leading to Smith shooting at her -- striking her in the head, chin, and hand with bullets -- Stanko began sobbing and Judge John Trice allowed a recess.

Stanko also said during the cross-examination that if she'd seen Smith's fiance with him prior to the shooting, she would have beaten her up or tried to beat her up.

Prosecutor Andy Cadena is expected to call police witnesses Wednesday afternoon when Funke-Bilu finishes his cross-examination. Cadena's opening statement Monday touched on evidence that Smith told police he shot Stanko and that police recovered the weapon from Smith's truck.

The trial resumes at 1:30 p.m. in Trice's court.

--Nick Wilson