Officials want local state of emergency status extended

Emergency officials are asking the Board of Supervisors to extend the local state of emergency for at least two weeks.

The emergency, declared after December storms, was set to expire on Jan. 11. But primarily because of the slide on Avila Drive caused by recent rains and, secondarily, the possibility of future storm damage, the Office of Emergency Services wants the proclamation extended.

“Having a local proclamation allows us to obtain immediately needed supplies, equipment, and other resources, including internally from any county department, with the key word being immediately,” Emergency Services Director Ron Alsop wrote The Tribune in an e-mail.

Alsop said the county’s focus is on “keeping (Avila Road) open and passable in case there is additional rock or mud sliding off the hillside.” He noted that Avila Road is the access into and out of Diablo Canyon and Port San Luis.

The request for an extended state of local emergency is on the Board of Supervisors agenda for Tuesday.

-Bob Cuddy