Overwhelmed sewer systems lead to spills across San Luis Obispo County

Nearly 5,000 gallons of raw sewage were released from four towns in San Luis Obispo County on Sunday because of sewage systems overwhelmed by storm runoff, according to a news release from the San Luis Obispo County Health Agency.

This report is in addition to other releases reported Sunday into San Luis Obispo Creek, Arroyo Grande Creek, Meadow Creek and Oceano Lagoon.

In San Luis Obispo, 1,000 gallons spilled into San Luis Creek at the intersection of Pismo and Toro streets.

In Morro Bay, 515 gallons were released into a storm drain at Main and Nassau Streets, and in Pismo Beach, 750 gallons spilled into a storm drain at Morro and Ocean streets.

In Avila Beach 2,500 gallons was spilled from a lift station at First Street and San Miguel Avenue.

County health officials have warned that the public should avoid swimming in or drinking water from San Luis Creek downriver of the release and at the ocean.