Cuesta parking fines could be raised to offset state surcharge

Parking without a valid permit at Cuesta College could cost more after today as trustees consider raising penalties to accommodate a new state surcharge.

The cost of a citation for parking without a permit on campus will go up to $39 from $36 if approved by the Cuesta College Board of Trustees.

The additional $3 state surcharge to fund court operations went into effect Tuesday and is set to expire July 1, 2013. The fee is in addition to $11 in existing state and county surcharges.

The cost of all other parking violations — such as parking in a red or loading zone — will also go up $3.

Cuesta College has collected $205,000 so far in 2010 for parking citations issued on campus. The college will keep roughly one-third of that money after state and county surcharges and administrative costs are paid, said Ron Schram, interim Cuesta College police chief.

The revenue from the parking citations goes into a restricted parking fund that is used specifically for the college’s parking program.

The funds pay for parking permit sales, parking-related signs and equipment costs.

The college would have to subsidize about $21,000 a year to pay the new state surcharge if the increase is not approved, said Schram.

A similar increase is expected at Cal Poly, which will bring the cost of parking without a permit to $38 from the current $35.