Supervisors to vote on Ken Topping's nomination to Planning Commission

Ken Topping
Ken Topping

San Luis Obispo County supervisors are expected to vote Dec. 14 on 2nd District Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s nomination of Ken Topping to replace Anne Wyatt on the county Planning Commission.

Gibson’s office announced Tuesday that Wyatt was resigning effective at the end of the year. Wyatt, co-owner of the Bridge Street Inn hostel in Cambria and former chairwoman of the North Coast Advisory Council, took Gibson’s place on the commission in January 2007 after he was elected supervisor.

“It’s has been a pleasure serving as a planning commissioner these last four years,” Wyatt said in a statement released by Gibson’s office. “I’m now looking forward to focusing on housing policy issues and a few other projects that will likely take me out of the county for much of the next year.”

“Anne has done a remarkable job during a period that the commission took on complex and controversial projects such as Santa Margarita Ranch and the Los Osos Wastewater Project,” Gibson said, according to the release. “The county has been fortunate to have her intelligent, fair and thorough approach to decisions on long-range planning and project review.”

Gibson chose Topping, a resident of Cambria like Wyatt, to replace her.

Topping teaches in the City and Regional Planning Department at Cal Poly and is active statewide and around the world in disaster mitigation, preparedness and recovery issues. He has served as director of city planning for the city of Los Angeles, planning director for the county of San Bernardino and general manager of the Cambria Community Services District.

“San Luis Obispo County is a unique community with a broad range of urban and rural settings which we must plan thoughtfully and responsibly,” Topping said in a written release. “I look forward to serving as a planning commissioner and to carrying forward the excellent progress which has been made toward creating a vibrant, resilient and sustainable county.”