What’s Your Emergency?

The Tribune provides coverage of serious crimes every day on its news pages. Here is a look at some of the other, more unusual calls as found in recent police logs from San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach. For more, visit http://sloblogs.thetribunenews.com/whatsyouremergency.


12:32 a.m. Nov. 7. Pomeroy at Dolliver in Pismo Beach

Someone reported a loud boom. Officers found pieces of a balloon in the road, which might have been the cause.


3:26 p.m. Nov. 8. Los Osos Valley Road at Prefumo Canyon in San Luis Obispo

Juveniles were throwing apples at passing vehicles.


4:47 p.m. Nov. 9. Highland and Patricia in San Luis Obispo

A woman locked her bike to a pole and then lost her key.

Look for the Colonel

8:01 p.m. Nov. 9. 1321 Johnson in San Luis Obispo

A man stole fried chicken from Scolari’s.

Hotel hazard

9:15 a.m. Nov. 11. 2200 block of Price Street in Pismo Beach

A man said he found spots of blood on a towel he had just used at a hotel. He wanted officers to test it for diseases. The matter was to be handled internally through the hotel.

Roundabout reporting

3:12 p.m. Nov. 11. In Pismo Beach

A woman said her husband had been staying at a motel in Thousand Oaks and saw a table with a bunch of liquids on it and a “do not disturb” sign. The woman did not want to be forwarded to the Thousand Oaks Police Department but was very concerned and wanted Pismo Beach dispatchers to forward the information.

Creepy creeping

11:27 p.m. Nov. 12. 1200 block Oceanaire in San Luis Obispo

Someone reported hearing dragging noises on her roof.

Shop till you’re lost

4:22 p.m. Nov. 13. Prime Outlets in Pismo Beach

A man said a woman from France who had been staying with him and his wife in Pismo Beach had been missing for an hour. She was last seen near the Nike store in the outlets. The woman was found 10 minutes later, shopping.

Sounds like a ‘Seinfeld’ episode

4:34 p.m. Nov. 13. 800 Price St. in Pismo Beach

A man said he ordered food at Giuseppe’s and was waiting for it when the cook asked the clerk “what the guy wanted.” The cook then said he was going to knock the guy into next week if he didn’t stop staring at him. The man said he was still inside the restaurant. The manager of the restaurant then called 911 to say they were asking the guy to leave, and he refused.

— Larissa Doust