Parking fines go up $3 in San Luis Obispo

The San Luis Obispo City Council unanimously voted to increase parking fines by $3, bringing the total ticket price to $33.

City officials say the increase is needed because of an additional $3 state surcharge to fund court operations that will go into effect Dec. 7.

Some business owners are concerned that raising the ticket prices again will detour people from shopping downtown.

“I hate this $3 surcharge but I don’t see any way to vote against it,” said Mayor Dave Romero.

The city last increased parking fines by $10 in 2009 to cover state and county surcharges for courthouse construction bonds — increasing the cost to $30 from $20.

The city would have had to subsidize about $90,000 annually from its parking fund if the increase was not approved by the City Council, according to city staff. That fund is used to pay for parking operations, including the future construction of the Palm/Nipomo parking structure.