Dangerous drug injures teens

Two teens who thought they were consuming ecstasy fell violently ill and developed small holes in their lungs after being given a different chemical substance, according to a search warrant.

A warrant filed by a county Sheriff’s Department detective states that the two 15-year-olds allegedly thought they’d received ecstasy from 18-year-old Quinn Hall, of Templeton. Instead, they consumed an illegal synthetic stimulant called mephedrone.

Hall, a Cal Poly freshman, was arrested Sept. 21 on suspicion of child endangerment and selling a narcotic substance. He hasn’t been formally charged yet by the District Attorney’s Office.

According to the warrant sought by Detective David Nottenkamper, the teens traded an iPod to Hall for what they believed was seven grams of ecstasy Sept. 10.

Several hours after consuming the white powdery substance — which authorities believe was mephedrone — they experienced sore throats, high body temperatures and euphoria.

They also started to vomit violently and were brought to Twin Cities Community Hospital’s emergency room.

“Both juveniles had developed small holes in their lungs and air was escaping out of their lungs,” the warrant states.

Nottenkamper questioned Hall, who said he’d given the teens a chemical he’d purchased over the Internet believing it to be legal, according to the warrant.

Although the student said he purchased the substance for the purpose of conducting research, “Hall would not be specific as to what type of research could be conducted with these chemicals, stating only that it is up to each individual to determine what type of research they will conduct,” the warrant states.

Hall denied that he suggested that anyone consume the chemicals, according to the warrant.

Nottenkamper sought to search Hall’s Templeton residence and truck. Additional information is not currently being released by investigators pending the possible filing of criminal court charges.

Hall was released from County Jail in September after he posted $100,000 bail.