Halloween hijinks controlled

San Luis Obispo police arrested 20 people and issued 77 citations for offenses varying from being too loud to urinating in public during the Halloween festivities this weekend.

Arrests were down from 32 in 2009.

There were fewer party and noise violations this Halloween weekend compared to last year, but more citations were issued for minors in possession of alcohol.

There were no significant incidents of violence or major disturbances.

The Police Department announced plans early last week to squash the party before it happened by deploying dozens of additional officers on the streets and imposing steep penalties for violations.

The need for the added enforcement, law enforcement officials said, stemmed from a significant increase in partying and alcohol-related offenses in the past several Halloweens.

“Based on the crowd sizes observed Saturday night, we remain concerned that Halloween partying is actually escalating,” police Chief Deborah Linden said in a news release. “We saw more alcohol violations and large crowd activity than we’d like to see.”

The police department deployed approximately 28 officers Friday and Saturday nights and 18 officers Sunday night, for a total of 245 hours of overtime. The added enforcement cost $15,800 in overtime.

Last year, San Luis Obispo police logged 90 hours of overtime at a cost of about $6,200 during Halloween weekend.

Here’s a look at what people were arrested or cited for:

Arrests for public intoxication: six Friday, four Saturday, five Sunday

Arrests for driving under the influence: one Friday, three Saturday, one Sunday

Citation for open container of alcohol in public: seven Friday, 11 Saturday, 10 Sunday

Citation for minor in possession of alcohol: 20 Saturday and three Sunday

Citation for urinating in public: two Friday, eight Saturday, seven Sunday

Citation for noise: one Friday, six Saturday, two Sunday

Warning for noise: five Friday; 10 Saturday; 10 Sunday

The fine for those citations starts at $700 and goes up to $1,000 under the city’s safety enhancement zone ordinance.

In April, the San Luis Obispo City Council added Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day to the ordinance, which stipulates that first-offense violations double.

Last year, San Luis Obispo police issued 19 noise violation citations and 37 alcohol-related citations and made 32 arrests during Halloween weekend.

Police say that rainy weather significantly decreased crowds Friday night, but thousands of people took to the streets Saturday night after Cal Poly’s homecoming game. Parties in residential areas were active until about 1 a.m. and the downtown area remained busy until 2 a.m., according to police.

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