Cayucos oceanfront home plans are rejected

County supervisors Tuesday sent the owner of an oceanfront lot in Cayucos back to the drawing board with instructions to make a home he plans there a better fit for the community.

In August, the county Planning Commission rejected plans by Marshall Lewis of Cambria to build a two-story 5,300 square foot residence at the corner of Lucerne Road and Ocean Avenue. The commission ruled that the home is too big and would kill cypress trees lining the front of the lot.

Lewis appealed the decision to the supervisors who postponed a final ruling Tuesday in order to give Lewis a chance to work with county planners and Cayucos-area advisory groups to design a smaller project that does not require variances to local building guidelines.

“I think it is quite clear that this is not compatible with the neighborhood,” Supervisor Bruce Gibson told Lewis. This drew an angry response from a frustrated Lewis who said he followed all the guidelines county planners had given him when he designed the house.

“Do I have to build a house that you like and I don’t like?” he asked Gibson.

Cayucos residents told supervisors that the proposed home was too big and out of character with the Cayucos, particularly being located at the northern gateway to the community.

Typical of the comments, John Carsel of the Cayucos Community Advisory Council called the home a ritzy McMansion and described the historic cypress trees on the lot as vitally important.

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