Paso Robles man convicted of molesting boy gets 134 years in prison

A Paso Robles man was sentenced today to 134 years in California state prison for molesting a male relative.

Judge John Trice followed the recommendation by San Luis Obispo County Probation Department in the sentencing of William Zavaleta Palacios.

Zavaleta, 38, was convicted by a jury on Oct. 1 of 90 counts relating to sex crimes against a minor. The abuse began when the boy was 10 and continued until he was 17, prosecutors said.

Defense attorney Trace Milan said outside court that he was disappointed in Trice’s rulings to allow certain evidence into the case, including a confession to police. Milan said he plans to file an appeal.

Milan argued that Zavaleta was unclear about his Miranda rights as a native Spanish speaker interviewed by an English-speaking policeman and that the interview should have been halted based on Zavaleta’s request for a lawyer.

Zavaleta continued to talk to police and make admissions to the allegations after making his request for a lawyer.

Jurors heard the entire recorded interview in court and convicted Zavaleta on all but one count, which resulted in a hung jury.