San Miguel seeks resident input

Land preservation was among the hot topics in the first of three workshops on the future of San Miguel, according to county officials.

Workshop organizers — including the county Planning and Building Department, hired private consultants and Cal Poly — hosted the forum to learn what areas residents think should be improved, what new development people want and where it could be located.

Community input would then be used to develop several scenarios that would be presented to the public.

The next workshop is scheduled for Dec. 1 at the Mission Parish Center in San Miguel.

Using feedback from the first workshop, alternative plan concepts will be discussed at the December meeting, according to the county.

After the third workshop, which hasn’t yet been scheduled, a summary of the meetings will be reviewed by the county.

It would serve as an update to the San Miguel Community Plan — the county’s blueprint for regulating growth and development there — which hasn’t changed since 1981.

Cal Poly is slated to submit a draft of the updated plan to the county in the spring, officials said.

Then, the planning department will ask the Board of Supervisors to authorize and fund the completion of the planning process, including an environmental impact report, county Supervising Planner Mike Wulkan said.

“If the board does authorize us to complete the plan, it could be considered by the board in 2012,” he added.

The public can also share ideas about the future of San Miguel in an online survey provided by the county.

The survey asks questions about what people like most in San Miguel and the types of job opportunities or services that are preferred.

Anyone with questions can contact Wulkan at 781-5608 and mwulkan@co.slo.ca.us or county planner Michael Conger at 781-5136 and mconger@co.slo.ca.us.

Take the survey

The public can give feedback in an online survey provided by the county Planning and Building Department.

Surveys are available in English and Spanish.

English: http://sn.im/sanmiguelsurvey

Spanish: http://sn.im/encuestasanmiguel