Political Notebook


County supervisor candididate Mike Zimmerman will hold a sidewalk meet-and-greet from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. today at Vons in Nipomo, 520 West Tefft St. off Mary Avenue.

Zimmerman is inviting voters to question him about his stance on the issues facing San Luis Obispo County.

Zimmerman, an Arroyo Grande attorney, is running to replace Katcho Achadjian on the county Board of Supervisors. His opponent is Paul Teixeira of Nipomo. Achadjian is running for state Assembly.

— Bob Cuddy

SLO County

Two former county supervisors have endorsed county sheriff candidate Joe Cortez, his campaign announced Thursday.

They are Harry Ovitt, who served five terms on the Board of Supervisors from 1989 to 2008 representing the North County, and Steve MacElvaine, who represented the North Coast from 1979 to 83.

“Joe’s 15 years’ experience as a police chief cannot be ignored,” Ovitt said in a news release. “He has been in a leadership role. He knows what it takes to turn around a department in crisis.”

Added MacElvaine: “Joe is an outsider in this race. He is not part of the political establishment, nor is he indebted to special interests or labor.

“This is exactly the kind of person needed to restore integrity and transparency into the Sheriff’s Department culture,” he said.

Cortez, a retired Pismo Beach police chief, and San Luis Obispo police Capt. Ian Parkinson are running for sheriff in Tuesday’s election.

They are running to replace Sheriff Pat Hedges, who is retiring after 12 years in the post.

— Cynthia Lambert

SLO County

County Supervisor Katcho Achadjian has received a special recognition award on Tuesday from the San Luis Obispo County Cattlemen’s Association “for his many years of support and encouragement of agriculture throughout the county.”

“Katcho has been a generous steward of his time in helping promote and educate around the critical role that agriculture plays in our county’s economy and livelihood,” cattlemen’s President Aaron Lazanoff said.

Achadjian, a Republican, is leaving the Board of Supervisors after three four-year terms. He, Democrat Hilda Zacarias and Libertarian Paul Polson are running for state Assembly.

— Bob Cuddy


County Supervisor Bruce Gibson is endorsing incumbent Ron Wilson for the Cayucos Elementary School District board.

Wilson credits Gibson, who lives in Cayucos, with working closely with the school board and county staff in helping create a new public library on district property next to Hardie Park.

Wilson has also received re-election endorsements from 13 Cayucos Elementary School teachers, board member Eric Jacobsen and former member Robert Schwennicke, as have fellow incumbents Ginger Ortiz and Cathy Launchbaugh.

Accountant Michael Foster, contractor Dan Chivens and college chemistry lecturer Kerry Friend are also running for three seats on the school board.

— Tribune staff report