Political Notebook

SLO County

Seniors who receive Social Security benefits who learned last week that they will not receive a cost-of-living raise next year will be a focus in the House of Representatives in November when it takes up the Seniors Protection Act of 2010, according to Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara.

That bill would provide a $250 one-time payment to about 54 million Social Security recipients, Capps announced in a news release.

Individuals receiving Social Security benefits have seen everyday expenses for drugs, medical care, utilities, housing and food increase while Social Security benefits have remained unchanged, Capps said.

The lack of a raise means that, for the second straight year, Social Security retirees, veterans and people with disabilities will see no increase in their monthly Social Security, SSI, VA pension and compensation, and railroad retirement payments.

— Bob Cuddy

SLO County

A national organization that represents coastal states and territories has honored Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, for her efforts to protect coastal resources.

The Coastal States Organization gave Capps its Distinguished Service Award at the group’s 40th anniversary meeting in Monterey last week.

The group applauded Capps for leading congressional efforts this year in support of President Barack Obama’s National Ocean Policy and coastal and marine spatial planning initiatives.

She also introduced legislation to protect and manage coastal and ocean resources, including the Coastal State Renewable Energy Promotion Act and the Coastal State Climate Change Planning Act, the organization added.

The Coastal States Organization honors legislators that advocate regulations intended to protect the nation’s coasts and oceans, and to assist states in their efforts to manage their coastal resources.

It represents the governors of the nation’s 35 coastal states, commonwealths, and territories on legislative and policy issues relating to the sound management of coastal, Great Lakes and ocean resources.

— Bob Cuddy