Whitman stops in San Luis Obispo to pump up the vote

Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman paid a visit Tuesday to Republican Party of San Luis Obispo headquarters to rally voters a week before Election Day.

The former eBay CEO said it was her eighth or ninth trip to San Luis Obispo County.

“This is a very important area,” Whitman said. “Getting every voter to mail in their absentee ballot or go the polls on Election Day is going to be a key part of winning this election, and we will win.”

Whitman was greeted by about 100 supporters, many of whom were conducting a phone bank to encourage voters to cast their ballots.

After shaking hands with voters and placing several calls, Whitman addressed the audience.

“I am going to be the governor who says ‘no’ to wasteful spending so we can invest in the things that really matter in California.” Whitman said.

She touched on issues such as immigration reform and job creation, saying she “has a proven ability to create jobs.”

“I am not for amnesty,” Whitman said. “I am for securing the border.”

Whitman added that places that rely heavily on the agriculture industry to power the local economy, such as San Luis Obispo County, would benefit from a temporary guest worker program.

When asked how her plan to cut 33,000 state jobs would affect the 5,000 state employees in San Luis Obispo County, Whitman said, “We have to get back to the same number of workers we had about five years ago.”

In order to get the economy back on track, trims to public agencies are needed, Whitman explained.

She also talked about recent polls that show her trailing the Democratic candidate, Jerry Brown.

“Don’t believe the polls,” Whitman said. “Our internal polling shows we are dead even.”

There are 156,504 registered voters in San Luis Obispo County; 62,425 are Republicans and 54,715 are Democrats.

In 2006, when the last gubernatorial election took place, the votes broke down like this: 63.41 percent voted Republican, 31.34 percent voted Democrat.

“This race could be decided by a couple of thousand votes,” Whitman said, adding that she’ll be on the stump until election night.