Hot rod! It’s time for Oktoberfest

There’s just something special about Baywood Park’s annual Oktoberfest — set for Sunday this year.

It’s so community, so family. You can even walk your furry “son” or “daughter” down Second Street.

The Los Osos/Baywood Park Chamber of Commerce and Bay Osos Kiwanis work together to keep the doors open at the chamber and fund Kiwanis scholarships and programs.

The vendors are local businesses and nonprofits. Kiwanis barbecues. Candidates have one last chance to ask for your vote.

Adorable costumed children sing and dance in the streets. Runners sprint to earn their artful Ron Roundy T-shirts and local musicians play in the “Oktoberfestive” beer garden.

And each year, the number of classic cars, hot rods, motorcycles and even boats that show up to display keeps growing.

Jason Pall has been the chair for four years.

“It’s a community car show. They come to show off — mix and mingle. We accept all vehicles for a $35 donation. In return, they get a T-shirt and gift. This year, the car show is near the beer garden and musical stage. We hope to have 80-plus this year.”

Pall owns Bear Metal Kustoms in Morro Bay and lives in Los Osos with his wife, Rochelle, and two daughters, Riley, 17, and Ashlynn, 14. Growing up in Grover Beach, he enjoyed building anything with wheels.

“I couldn’t afford to buy them, so I made them. Mini-bikes, classic cars, trailers, Jeeps, my first car. ... I built everything. Once I had 11 Volkswagens that I was working on at one time.”

For years, working on vehicles was a side job until the printing company he worked for decided to move to Visalia. He didn’t want to leave the area, so he customized friends’ cars at his home garage.

“News traveled fast,” he said. “I outgrew the space and found the property on Scott Street in Morro Bay. I’ve been there for over three years.”

Personally, he’s built the family cars.

“Rochelle’s car is a 1950 Olds — a work in progress. It has ’49 Cady fenders and a lowered hood. Mine is a ’23 copper Roadster with copper flooring ... all custom.”

Pall’s employees, John Piwowarski and Ty Branum, also help in his custom wheel business.

Early Wheel Company’s business is 95 percent mail order. It ships about 200 wheels monthly throughout America, Canada and even Europe.

Baywood’s Oktoberfest car show registration is at Pall’s website, www.bearmetalkustoms.com, along with pictures of the company’s many award-winning customized cars and articles that have appeared in international custom car magazines.

Besides Oktoberfest, Pall also sponsors Cruisin’ Morro Bay Car Show and West Coast Kustom Car Show in Santa Maria, both in May.

Reach Judy at 801-1422 or jsalamacha@yahoo.com.